Ka'Dar Mujahid

A stalwart axe-for-hire currently employed to guard the comings and goings of caravans.


Name: Ka’Dar Mujahid
Race: Half-orc
Class: Fighter
Build: Guardian

Ability Scores

Str:20 Con:16 Dex:17 Int:10 Wis:16 Cha:12

AC:20 Fort:18 Ref:16 Will:14

HP:48 Surges:12 Surge Value:12

Passive Perception:14
Passive Insight:14

Trained Skills

Athletics:9 Endurance:11 Nature:9

Untrained Skills

Acrobatics:2 Arcana:1 Bluff:2 Diplomacy:2 Dungeoneering:4 Heal:4 History:1 Insight:4 Intimidate:4 Perception:4 Religion:1 Stealth:2 Streetwise:2 Thievery:2


Half-Orc: Furious Assault
Half-Orc: Half-Orc Resilience
Half-Orc: Swift Charge
Level 1: Toughness
Weapon Expertise (Axe)


Bonus At-Will: Combat Agility
Bonus At-Will: Combat Challenge
Fighter At-Will: Crushing Surge
Fighter At-Will: Tide of Iron
Bonus Encounter: Furious Assault
Bonus Encounter: Guardian’s Counter
Fighter Encounter: Shield Bash
Fighter Encounter: Sweeping Blow
Fighter Daily: Shove and Slap
Fighter Utility: Shielded Sides


Adventurer’s kit, Scale Armor, Battleaxe, Heavy Shield, Javelin, Flesh Grinder Battleaxe +1


Molded by the desert itself, in all of its grim harshness and cruel trickery, Ka’Dar Mujahid was born into adversity. Though he was born to a human woman, he never knew her, instead being raised by his father amongst the brutish orcs dwelling in Ahlfar.

Though his father did his best to involve him in the tribe’s doings, Ka’Dar could never escape his half-breed status, becoming the brunt of many cruel pranks which all too often could turn deadly. Despite his contentious upbringing, Ka’dar remained resolute, growing strong and powerful, rivaling even the stoutest of his tribe. He excelled in combat, his grim determination and innate rage seeing him through countless battles with rivals and the many ruthless desert denizens.

Before too long, he had gained the grudging respect of the other orcs in his tribe, though he would never be trusted fully. He soon became the fodder that they would send to conduct whatever task that they felt was too much of a risk. Ka’Dar performed each mission with the same proficiency and skill that he applied to all aspects of his life. However, if he had hoped to win his tribe’s trust and acceptance, he was to be sorely disappointed.

Before too long, Ka’Dar became restless and unsatisfied with the second-class status he seemed destined to endure and after conferring with his father and acquiring his blessing, he left the tribe to pursue adventure elsewhere.

Upon finding himself on his own, he soon attached himself to a caravan, lending his axe and ferocity to the protection of the people and goods that it contained. His fighting prowess so impressed the caravan leader that upon reaching his destination, he soon spread the word amongst his peers and Ka’Dar found himself doing much travelling, providing numerous caravans with protection and safe passage. On his journeys he befriended two other guards, a former captain from places unknown and a mysterious elven magic wielder. Both holding secrets, both appearing as society’s castoffs. Together, they made a determined and effective team and soon became inseparable.

Most recently the three adventurers have taken on the task of escorting a caravan to the town of Bashala, transporting several prized horses and other goods to the Sheikh Abdullah…

Ka'Dar Mujahid

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