Sands of Oblivion

Small beginnings

What started out as a normal caravan between Madda and Bashala was quickly turned into a smoldering wagon and damaged supplies when a group of Vashern Cultists attacked from both sides. The prized stallions of the Sheikh of Bashala were stolen and many guards were killed in the initial explosion and subsequent attacks.

Quinn, a young junior member of the Explorer’s Society, and his two travelling companions, Xavdak, a hulking barbarian, and Korm, a warlord of no small water, dispatched many of the foes from the left flank of the caravan. During this time, three other guards that were behind the caravan came to their assistance. Pestus, an eldritch magic wielding warlock, Kadar, a half-orc fighter of immense prowess, and Eleazar, another warlord, cleared the right flank.

Xavdak proved himself a mighty barbarian, slaying many of the foes single handedly, while Kadar’s battle prowess kept one of the Vashern soldiers down and unable to effectively retaliate.

After the cultists were defeated, Quinn collapsed into unconsciousness. While he lay recovering in one of the wagons, Korm discovered that the waterskins that were hanging from each of the wagons were cut open. Korm notified Yusuf Albaf, the leader of the caravan about a possible saboteur.

Once Quinn recovered from his collapse, a round of introductions was carried out. Eleazar was enamored by the sounds of adventure and seemed genuinely interested in leaving the life of a caravan guard to join Quinn. Meanwhile, Kadar and Pestus spoke with Xavdak and Korm regarding their skills as combatants.

The remaining wagons were checked and the caravan journeyed the remaining half day to the town of Bashala. As the caravan rounded the last turn, a farmer ran up to converse with Yusuf. Only Xavdak caught a few words of the conversation. Whatever was said, the farmer looked to Yusuf to find some way to aid the troubled town.

So begins the Sands of Time, a small part of the more grand adventure Sands of Oblivion.


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